Design and social commitment

As designer, I think that our daily work goes far beyond of the formalization of new graphical realities, of the conformation of new, and in many insignificant cases, products of consumption, of the mere aesthetic definition of spaces; as professionals compromised with the society in whom we develop our trade we must evaluate critically the actions that from our own activity are generated, as well as the inadequate use that for your their) part our clients do.

For which reason, from a point of view fundamental, I want to denounce the politically incorrect use that Underground of Madrid is doing in the signs of certain lobbies; on the accesses of the zones destined to the entrance and exit of users with different impediments or conditioners we can see four pictograms; One of them is the universally destined to the handicapped persons; other three correspond, first to a person with a car of the purchase, other one accompanying a child and the third one with a baby cart; oddly these three figures represent women.

I believe that of course the premeditation at the moment of designing this informative panel has not been to transmit sexist values; what I think is that the design, one of which fundamental components it is the communication, can and must be used as vehicle of values and messages that enrich and improve our societies.

Are we before a lost opportunity to use the design as transmitter of the above mentioned values? Let's wait that not!