In praise of slowness. About the work of Fernando Vicente

Why do I feel attracted to drawings of Fernando?

I hope that the scrutineer search for the answer to this question, that I do to myself motivated by the urgent need of writing these lines, a question until today I had never thought about,  do not distort or interfere from now on the pleasure of disinterested and hedonistic contemplation  I have been enjoying so far, or going beyond, I hope this doesn’t contaminate it with artificial appreciations that shade off  their defined contours, does not tarnish its true value; it is possible, however, that this slow and dissected thought which I intend to do with entomologist lens discovers  nuances, facets or dimensions unnoticed for me.

After reviewing dozens of his creations, I have found the explanation for this fascination, a term which does not hide any hyperbole, but also reveals the exact degree of my appreciation for the work of Fernando; the explanation may be that his work expresses a personal world, not so much by the fact that its stylistic and formal features are characteristic and non-transferable, but because it is wrapped in a temporal coordinates that are of its own, this temporal quality that I speak of makes you feel immersed in a quiet, melodious, suspended time,  but not a slow down time  as a sequence in slow motion in a Peckinpah style.

What happens instead is that we see ourselves immersed in scenes of a world where that  slowness is the  defining of a self temporal event. Looking to an illustration of Fernando, suddenly, our time, the real one, daily life, the one that is guided by an agenda, timetables,  and hurries goes to a second term,  immediately, we see ourselves trapped in coordinates whose rhythm allows meditation, slow contemplation, the pure pleasure of caressing with our eyes the beauty of some images, all without the bad conscience that we are wasting time, when looking at one of his pin-ups, desire becomes placid, avoiding the immediate emergencies, watching one of his illustrations that goes with an opinion article, however it is linked to the most rabid current affairs, it  allows us to think, meditate on what we read, while I contemplate some of his illustrations I currently  have in my study, the frame is transformed into a window with views to that imaginary planet, also that real, where the silent tick tock of the chronometer expands its way until the immobility of the figures is nothing  but a dynamic condensation where past, present and future converge.

Well, I can only be grateful for the invitation to write this article because it has allowed me to discover a universe where I could find a momentary refuge in this times of distress, uncertainties and fruitful crisis, and then return with the soul serene and the security that beauty exists.

Thanks Fernando.