In reality the situation is hopeless but not serious

This is how chameleonic Otto described the world situation at the end of the fast-paced and dizzying comedy (or is it better to say cinematographic time bomb?) "One, two, three" of Billy Wilder, and this is how we see the situation of spanish design.

"Why hopeless? Because this is the feeling that we have many times, fortunately not all, when we, designers have to deal with an industry, with a productive fabric, with businessman that keep on  seeing in our work only its cosmetic, media and advertising component,, we are still trying to convince these businessman that design is or should be a value, not added, as so often, with more good intentions that criteria, it is said, but intrinsic to any coherent production process that prides itself  and understands that is immersed in a global reality changing and complex.

Why not serious? Because we understand that the world is getting bigger, the frontiers are diffused and our work can find its realization beyond the geographical limits that our more immediate physical and economic environment mark us, we sincerely believe that Spain can become a exporter of creativity, originality and talent, that spanish designers can get to make their footprint in every place where accurate solutions are needed to solve complex questions, just as Otto did to his future father- in- law.